"My overall sentiment is that the quality of care is robust, with the attitude of staff towards their customers uniformly patient, caring, professional and inclusive from what I’ve seen."
Guy Brew.

"I have always found the staff at Millvale House Waikanae to be tolerant, helpful, willing and totally un judgmental of the residents.

My mother has inhabited the furthest reaches of dementia for many years now. Her carers at Millvale are unfailingly patient, gentle, caring, loving and kind. They treat her with respect, humour and encouragement, even when some of her actions and expressions can be extremely challenging. Perhaps some of the carers struggle with the English language, which can make communication with them very basic. However, I would infinitely prefer my mother to be cared for by them, than by someone with perfect English but lacking their humanity. I value highly my frequent telephone calls from the head nurse, which are calm, factual and very reassuring."
Lynda Burnett