September 2017:

Hi Vicky


Dad moved to Millvale in April 2014 so was one of the original residents shortly after it opened.  Words cannot express our appreciation at how well Dad was looked after for over 3 years.   He was treated like family by the staff to the point they all called him 'Daddy'.  Dad was made as comfortable as possible during his final days and Kathryn, Gavin and I were made to feel very welcome.


There are too many names to mention individually but I would like to say a special thanks to Irish who was the nurse on duty when Dad passed.


For me personally, Millvale  became a bit like a second home.  I will miss all the friendly smiles of your staff.  They are a great credit to your organisation.


King regards


Janine Thomson



5th December 2016

 Re: Millvale Lodge Lindale – Toe-Toe Ward

 My husband has been a patient in the above mentioned ward from 24.8;2015 till 1.12.2016, then he has been transferred into the hospital of Millvale Lodge Lindale.

I visit him every day and therefore had good contacts with the staff. Today it is my wish to thank the caregivers and nurses for all they have done for my husband and me. All of the staff have been so lovingly and fantastically caring, I cannot praise them enough. As you may imagine this illness of Norbert has been and still is very hard to live with. The caregivers – oh, I forgot to mention also the Diversional Therapist – helped me through difficult times. For me these professionals are from heaven.

I know it is not easy to leave personal problems outside the ward, but I have never seen other than friendly smiles and experienced loving care.

Please apologize when I did not express everything correct, as English is not my mother language. I just want to express my gratitude to Millvale Lodge Lindale.

 Friendly regards

Gisela U