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Millvale Lodge Lindale is a purpose-built aged care facility in a country environment. 

Millvale Lodge Lindale is divided into 4 small homes. Each home is completely self-contained, so that  the residents experience a small cosy home with a calm supportive atmosphere.  Residents are encouraged to take part in the running of their home if they wish, as continuing with their accustomed roles has been found to assist people in maintaining a sense of purpose and value.

It is a unique place for people to come: a place where there is some freedom, space to maintain fitness, see the stars and the trees,  interact with animals and create a sense of home.

The design maximises indoor-outdoor flow, with residents free to wander safely through the park-like surroundings without feeling confined. There are farm animals in the neighbouring paddocks, fruit trees and a vegetable garden which residents are encouraged to help tend. The emphasis is on taking part in the normal activities of everyday life.

A sheltered picnic spot, accessed by a wheelchair-accessible pathway, will provide a safe destination for afternoon tea, or a walk with a visiting family dog.

The nature of the environment is soothing, peaceful and enjoyable for residents and their visitors.

At Millvale Lodge, the country environment and large grounds extend the opportunities open to us to give each person their greatest chance of being physically healthy and emotionally the best they can be.

Each of the four small homes comprises private bedrooms, together with our hallmark homely lounge, dining area and kitchenette.



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