June 2018:


Our father John Jamieson has spent the last 4 - 5 months of his life at Millvale.  He recently died through his 4th heart attack.

The last 2 years have been very hard for the family as Dad’s body and mind started to fail him.

The last 8 months especially traumatic, as he ended up at 4 different rest or dementia centres, with his level of dementia deteriorating to a point he needed to go to Millvale.

We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff and facility.

Dad was prone to angry outbursts and at times utter confusion, along with falling regularly.

The team at Millvale, assessed him, listened to us, spoke to previous caregivers, then put procedures in place to protect him, them and his dignity.

My family and I (3 of us) would call on Dad 2 - 3 times a week each, all at irregular, un booked, unplanned times.

During those 7 - 9 visits a week, we always observed engaged, attentive and caring staff.

Dad was always well groomed, dressed, usually involved in an activity (baking, singing, dancing, church service, puzzles, reading) or just sitting talking with staff.

They regularly contacted us about ways they / we could make his last few months / years better, their communication with us was top shelf.

Dad loved eggs and porridge and they ensured he got plenty of what he liked to eat (plus ensuring a balanced diet). 

I could not tell you the number of times that I walked out of Millvale, thanking the Lord for them and their staff and the way they cared for our much loved Dad.

After having him moved from various other rest homes (sometimes quite unceremoniously) to have him in a place equipped for his level of dementia, but looking through that and seeing the man, was so reassuring for our family.  Of all the rest homes we have experienced so far, Millvale are a shining light.

To see the staff shedding tears when Dad died, the way they presented his body for us (pending the funeral home collection) ……. just so lovely, so respectful, so thoughtful.

We have recently been in and presented a gift to each of the 27 staff, as a way of showing our appreciation.  


PS : Whilst giving accolades, the OPRS team at Hutt Hospital - amazing!!


Yours sincerely,

Ross Jamieson


 17th March 2018



To Whom It May Concern


Re: Milvale House Miramar


When I was informed that my Mother had to be moved to the next level of Dementia Care my heart sank and I dreaded the next move in the progression of both her illness and the supervised care she would need.


We arrived at Milvale in the summer of 2013. I knew that my Mother was very unwell when we arrived and the staff called the local doctor immediately. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and was promptly put on medication. The staff at Millvale House could not have been more welcoming, kinder or more helpful to us at our personal time of great distress and need.


I have spent a considerable amount of time at Millvale over the years and can only really admire the way the facility is managed. Each of the individual patients is cherished for who they are and what they need as individuals. There are no “strict” rules at Millvale – difficult and challenging situations are discreetly handled.


I congratulate all the team at Millvale for showing such a generous commitment to the wellbeing and health of my Mother and others at the time when she is most vulnerable. I will always remember with deep gratitude the gentle caring, respect and patience that she receives. I know in my heart that my Mother is very content at Millvale and feels safe and cared for.


Best wishes,



 My much-loved companion has been living at Millvale House for over three years now, after hospital stays and four previous placements due to changing assessments. His family and I have found Millvale to be a good and welcoming place, with its home-like layout, accessible nursing station and caring staff, whose ethos, skills, affection and respect for the individuality of each resident are constant and heart-warming. The continuity of his carers, unfailingly kind and thoughtful, is very reassuring."


Jessie M March 2018


My mother is a resident at Millvale House. I have approximately eight years experience in aged care working initially as a carer and for the last four years as a diversional therapist. From my experience, a home having great staff as well as a high standard of care are the two top requirements when placing a family member.

I could not be happier in both regards when it comes to my mother. Every staff member shows a genuinely high level of commitment to residents, motivated by a good heart. To observe my mother’s interaction with staff I can see how much she likes the staff and feels safe with them. This trust is essential and allows family members to feel as happy as they can about their family member being in care, especially in dementia specific care.

I am grateful to the staff for their loving care and support.

Wendy Milner


                My father was transferred from a stage 3 facility to Millvale Miramar a couple of months ago.  My first impressions of Millvale Miramar were that of a calm and caring environment, where the managers and staff members genuinely care for their residents. Each time I visit I am aware of this calm and caring and peaceful atmosphere. My father's settling-in period has been very successful due to the ability, knowledge and care of the staff. I have noticed the staff respect my father as an individual, not just as a Dementia patient. The Family Orientation meetings organised by Jan, have been very informative. They gave me a clearer understanding of how Millvale operates and of the support available for the family.   - Fiona Black. 2013