Our Facility Management Team

Operations Coordinator:
Evelyn Uy
Evelyn is well known and loved by residents, families and staff alike, having worked for us for many years in a senior caregiving and weekend manager role. She has a very clear understanding of our Vision and Values and a passionate commitment to providing loving care to people with advanced dementia.
Evelyn’s qualifications range across the fields of veterinary science, commerce, accounting, computing, cooking and of course caregiving, specifically dementia care. Evelyn has ably supported previous operations coordinators in their role, and has a sound knowledge and understanding of the administrative processes involved.

Marianne CM 

Clinical Manager:

Marianne Zamora

Marianne brings a strong clinical background and sound knowledge of dementia to her new role, as well as an invaluable commitment to and understanding of our Vision and Values and philosophy of care. Continuity in terms of her relationships with staff, residents and families will ensure Marianne’s successful and smooth transition into this key leadership position.
We have all come to know Marianne well and to have the highest respect for her proficiency, compassion and integrity. In taking on this role Marianne pledges her commitment to “contribute my skills, knowledge, and ability with responsibility, dedication, and hard work for the development of my professional growth and in the best interests of this institution and the public.”
We join in congratulating her on this exciting career move and wish her the very best as she takes on this new challenge.

‘My passion is providing care for people living with dementia with a holistic approach, taking special consideration of their physical, psychological and social wellbeing. I know with the wonderful team here at Millvale House Miramar we can achieve this. Please come and say hello to me when you are visiting your loved one, and feel free to contact me anytime regarding any concerns or issues. I will be very happy to help you.’