The decision to move my husband into residential care was a very difficult time for me and our family.

It had become increasingly obvious that I was no longer able to provide the level of care he required to remain safe, but the sense of having let him down by not caring for him was huge. Even now, sometimes I see him and think that maybe I should take him home and care for him. However, at the same time I am well aware that he is only now manageable due to the great care he receives from the staff at Millvale House.

Trying to navigate the government system to organise residential care was fraught with difficulties, and I was very uncertain about what I needed to do at each step. Thankfully staff at Millvale House, my local WINZ, and my local needs assessors were very helpful and guided me in the right direction. It seemed like a lot of paper work in the beginning, but once it was organised there was very little left for me to do.

The atmosphere at Millvale House is very family orientated. They always make me feel welcome and are quick to involve me in the activities my husband has participated in since I last visited. They obviously care for the residents, and have their best interests at heart. The staff are also very approachable and willing to answer my questions and concerns when they arise. The staff’s dedication to my husband makes it easier to say goodbye to him after I visit, as I know he is being well cared for and his needs are being met.

In hindsight, the transition to residential care was the best thing I could have done for my husband, myself and our family. At the time it felt like admitting failure, but now I realise that realistically it was the best decision to make.

B. B