April 2019

Transition to retirement home care can be a complicated and difficult process when dealing with the limitations of ageing. My recent experience in supporting and guiding my 93-year-old mother to a successful and happy outcome in this change in her life has been enlightening and reassuring and has seen her comfortably installed in Leighton House.

After more than 70 years in the family home she loved, it was apparent that her safety and security at home had become compromised. After careful consideration of residential care options available in Gisborne, I made an initial visit to view Leighton House. I was received by Teresa McGregor and given an extensive tour of the facility and I arranged to bring my mother for a viewing. Teresa’s welcome to my mother was warm, informative and fun. A wheelchair tour made the experience convenient and comfortable. My mother formed a clear impression immediately of an efficiently and professionally-run organisation offering a safe, supportive and inclusive care plan operating in a comfortable and beautiful home environment. Leighton House offers a ‘family home’ style of living, providing privacy and a restful environment while encouraging social contact and support among its residents. My mother was fortunate in being offered a trial week almost immediately and this was followed by the option of transfer to resident status. The approval process was conducted professionally and sensitively and my mother felt fully consulted and informed. Together we prepared her for a significant life change. The attention and care of Leighton House staff, at all levels of care, was faultless and my mother felt reassured and confident that this was the perfect next stage in her life and she settled in happily.

From an administrative point of view, Teresa provided extensive paperwork and the formalities of entry including funding, partnership and responsibility were clear.

My mother is enjoying a safe and restful life at Leighton House. She has rekindled old friendships with residents she has known through her long life lived in Gisborne and has established valued new friendships with other residents, enabled through the easy, warm and social nature of daily life and routines. The staff at Leighton House have been responsive and attentive and have established friendly relationships with my mother and my family. They understand her needs, and she feels safe and protected.

My family and I unreservedly recommend Leighton House as the provider of professional care for our mother and grandmother, meeting her medical, emotional and physical needs.

Jude Conway


28th July 2017 

Dear Teresa and Staff of Leighton House 

The decision to approach Leighton House for Pa's care was based on a very high recommendation from my colleagues who had family members living in the facility. 
The professionalism and genuine care and the time the manager took to discuss with me Pa's needs/likes/dislikes was what made my decision easy. However it was Pa's opinion that counted most. Pa is extremely independent and a very social person and he decided that he thought it would be a good idea to see what Leighton House had to offer. Pa was always under the understanding that he would be able to go home and that this respite was short term only. 
About a week into his stay Pa decided that he quite liked the staff and the people and made up his mind that he “would quite like to stay” and has made Leighton House his home permanently. He enjoys the banter he has with the staff, the flexibility of being able to come and go as he pleases and most of all he loves the food. 
For us as a whanau it is the care, consideration, social company and most of all Pa’s safety that Leighton House staff from the manager, nurses, aids, cleaning and kitchen staff that are the highlights for us. 
Thank you to the staff of Leighton House for making some difficult decisions easy when your whanau member genuinely wants to make Leighton House their new home. 

Kind regards 

J. Edwards 
Daughter of Martyn James Dunnet (Pa) 

24th July 2017 

Our mother started her journey into aged care last year when she became very ill and was unable to look after herself as well as she might have expected. She first entered Leighton House under respite care and made the transition easily. The NASC team were instrumental in helping us get the respite care for our mother and also later with helping her recognise that she might need to consider full time care. 
She was welcomed by very caring staff and management at the time, and we as family members were made to feel part of the Leighton House family which was very reassuring. Mum was made to feel at ‘home’ with little touches such as fresh flowers in her room, and plenty of activities to keep her occupied. 
A month later our mother was to become a full time resident. Though the process of getting her to acknowledge that she might need 24 hour care was hard for us as a family, Leighton House staff were there in support for both her and us in meeting her requirements. Her every need is taken care of and nothing is too much trouble. 
The staff and management always have a friendly ‘hello’ every time we visit and it is reassuring for us to know she is in good hands and that the right decision has been made for our mum to be in care. 

M. Alley 

20th July 2017 

To anyone who is deciding to allow Leighton House and their staff to care for their loved one, I thought I'd share the last year with you. 
As we all know it's not an easy decision to give your loved-ones care over to others; to know that you need to consider their care well above what you can provide. 
My beloved mum broke her leg a year ago from a fall. After a period of time in hospital, it was decided she needed 24 hour care. As much as I wanted to do this myself, I knew that I couldn't do this alone as I have a shoulder injury, so mum chose Leighton House to care for her. We went and checked it our before, and I agreed with Mum that this place had a lovely feeling and staff seemed really friendly. 
This was one of the best decisions we could ever have made. The staff are truly amazing and they make Mum feel special in so many ways. Teresa, who is in charge, is totally awesome, and her door is always open for any concerns the family have, nothing is ever a bother. We are welcomed to share meals with Mum anytime, or take Mum out if the occasion arises. 
Mum loves going to Mission Hall church on Sundays and the girls always have her dressed, ready and in a happy spirit for her outing. 
There are always flowers from their beautiful gardens in her room, which is really lovely as Mum has always had a beautiful garden, even entered in a competition one year for Gisborne Beautiful Gardens and had her photo in the paper. 
Mum has been at Leighton House for almost a year now and my sister Marg, my brother Graham, and I couldn't express our thanks any more for the excellent care every one takes of our wonderful Mum. I thank God daily for you all and for your kindness to our Mum, and we wouldn't have entrusted her to you if you didn't cherish her as we do. I’ve thought about baking the staff a cake to show our appreciation, but truly, you guys have it all there. The cooks always have such lovely meals and yummy cakes so I know you have such things on tap. 
So truly if you are considering care for your loved one, you truly couldn't ask for better care than Leighton House. 
Bless you all. On behalf of Marg, Graham and I, plus all Mums grandchildren and great grandchildren, we say bless you. 

J. Bekkers