Our Philosophy

  1. Connecting with each person we care for as we would a very best friend means that people feel loved and important. A best friend accepts you as you are, believes in you, forgives your mistakes, really listens to you, jokes with you and loves to hear you laugh.

  2. Families/whanau become part of the community we have. They are involved in their loved one’s care. They are encouraged to share their in-depth and intimate knowledge of their loved one. There is much honesty and openness. This builds trusting relationships between us all. We know family and family know us.

  3. A small home provides people with stability. Things seem familiar – a private bedroom with personal possessions from home, sunny spots to relax in, a garden.

  4. Each staff person is someone with ability and with potential for growth. There is much opportunity for every staff member. Each staff member can have a positive impact on residents, their family and their team.

  5. It is important for people to have the opportunity to continue with their old roles if they wish. This may include collecting the mail, folding the washing, sweeping the floor, gardening, baking, flower arranging and social activities. People are encouraged to be involved in the running of their home, and are supported to maintain their community involvement and activities.

  6. As we work in these ways, people are more contented and participate in life more fully. They have their greatest chance of being physically healthy and emotionally the best they can be. Our team cares for and connects with each person who lives in our homes as we would a very best friend. This means that people feel loved and important.